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We are currently in a water emergency because of the water tower being out of commission.  Again turn off all sprinkler systems until we notify that it is ok to turn them back on.  Here is the Water Drought/ Emergency Ordinance #388 if you have questions on what needs to be done please read through it.  

WATERING UPDATE!!! We have had some concerns about the watering schedule so we have tried to accommodate peoples request. PLEASE be mind full of how much you are watering, if things do not change we will shut down all lawn watering.

EVEN # houses water on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

ODD # houses water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday


South of the tracks water within the hours of 6-9 AM

North of the tracks water within the hours of 8-11 PM

City of

Galva, Kansas

City Code


What's Happening In Galva?

FEMA Information

Galva, KS
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